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Monday, 7 May 2012

How Restoring America’s Manufacturing Strength

How Restoring America’s Manufacturing Strength

Making More In America:- How Restoring America’s Manufacturing Strength Can Help Rebuild America’s Middle Class

I believe that America needs to make things again.

Why? Because the kinds of jobs that send kids to college and send us into a secure retirement are not minimum-wage jobs. Creating high-wage jobs, middle-class jobs and steady year-round jobs will take revitalizing the American manufacturing economy.That is why I've proposed this middle-class jobs plan to help give middle-class families a fair shake in this economy.My plan is built around seven priorities with multiple specific proposals, including increasing lending to small businesses, expanding local niche manufacturing in the district, investing in education and vocational training, modernizing our infrastructure and restoring middle-class buying power through fairer tax policies.All of my experience creating jobs and sparking innovation has led me to one simple conclusion – we can’t outsource our way to prosperity. We need to do more than just design, and then consume, products. We need to make things again.


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